Why choose us?

Unique consulting approach

We do not offer individual consultants, we deliver teamwork.


Straightforward open partnership

Clear and open goals achieved by open communication and constant knowledge transfer.


100+% involvement and commitment

Every partner is an equal shareholder, with an equal motivation and commitment.


Low cost structure and reasonable rates

Our company setup with no overhead and offshore development allows us to charge less.


High expertise & flexibility at affordable costs

Innovation is crucial to an organization’s ability to retain competitive advantage, especially when faced with the economic pressures of today.

One Mind was born out of this belief and continues to be a source of support for organizations. One Mind is an independent IT consulting and software development company founded in 2008. Our innovative and unique company setup based on shared partnership, results in an ecosystem of extremely qualified technology evangelists with outstanding motivation and commitment.

One Mind’s vision is to combine the various fields of expertise of all the individual partners with offshore cost advantages and resource flexibility, and to achieve IT objectives as one single service.

Our services are offered as fixed-scope fixed-price, flexible time & materials or dedicated team option, as well as any combination of the three. Regardless, the basic principle of accountability is the same: we firmly believe we should deliver quality on time, whether we are paid by the hour or based on milestones.

Values we keep are open and honest communication, partnership based business and deliver value for money.

As we learn, and unlearn more, we can surely say, "We enjoy every bit of what we do and take pride in what we create".